Friday, March 11, 2011


Despite being startled by non-noontime air raid sirens throughout the
night and a call from my mom at 3:30 am, no major damage reported from
the Tsunami is Honolulu as far as I know.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Flattery is the best form of imitation

Someone has taken my copy and paste tool for mobile phones,, tweaked the colors and called it a "doodle jump game".

The cool thing is that rather than just steal the code outright, they made it so that pressing any of the buttons actually takes users to my site while others have simply put it into a frame on their own site and pretended it was theirs.

I'm kind of surprised that since I built mobitol a few years ago, bloggers keep posting about it. I guess because it continues to serve a purpose- despite the fact that I got lazy and never updated it. The last time I checked it was still getting 10,000 hits or so a month, which is not much, but it's gotta be worth something.

Anybody wanna buy a doodle jump game?