Tuesday, January 27, 2009

been a long time...

It's been a long while since I have blogged. I can't say I have an excuse. It's not like I have been very busy- I guess just nothing that interesting has happened.Other than eating a bug, some snake, some fried buffalo skin and an unhatched chicken, nothing really stands out. I have probably just gotten used to things here. Like, when three albino cows wander across four lanes of traffic, hop a fence and disappear into someone's yard, it's just a random occurence, nothing to write home about. Or seeing seven year olds driving motorbikes- odd but not really newsworthy.

But let's see... since last I wrote, my mom and a number of friends have come to visit which was great. I finished the first draft of my screenplay and am now procrastinating on the re-write. And in the meantime I have created a little tiny website called mobitol for (primarily Nokia) mobile users who want to be able to open new windows and copy and paste source code from websites. I also started a little site of recommendations for couchsurfers coming to Vientiane.

Now I am throwing around the idea of opening a small bar. A bamboo bar, rattan tables and chairs, soundsystem and a case of beer lao- voila- instant tiki bar. Though at the moment this is just a daydream.

We are also thinking about getting a car. It's a big deal here because cars are so expensive. There is a huge tax to be paid and technically foreigners can't own them outright, so they have to be registered in someone else's name. It's all very dodgy. But until the rain comes in May, we've got some time to think about it.

Other than that, there is not much to tell. Spicy Mekong Penut butter has finally hit the shelves, but unless you have tasted it, you can't possibly know how insanely great it is that we can now get our grubby little paws on the stuff.