Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Bangkok with DJ Ziploc

We had to come to Bangkok early to get the Xiosynth fixed but it was
just as well because it turned out my main damie Jerry Boonstra, aka
DJ Ziploc was flying in from Koh Samui.

We spent one night at the clubs and the next at the movies with him. The club night ended at Spicy- I guess one of the few open til the wee hours. Jebus that place is crowded and dank. Valerie said it best as we elbowed our way through the sardines,"This is how people die." An old man tried to give me a backrub in the bathroom, but it's just what they do for tips I'm told. Still
though... So we left that place within five minutes- it was nasty.

The next night, Jerry suggested we see the new Indiana Jones movie. Despite his taking us to the worst club and worst movie ever, it was still fun to hang out with him. Always is.

Now, we are in Sukhothai and I just found out the shop can't fix the XIO in time to play any shows back in Bangkok, or NY for that matter. Bummer.

Maybe I can try to rent one... Now I know why they say bring two of everything.