Monday, August 21, 2006


Dagoba Chocolate, Ashland, OR, US- the holy grail of chocolate if you ask me. Have you tried their chocolate chips? Holay Mole!
(OK it's not so hidden)

Bananas, Chiang Mai, Thailand- Best bananas in the whole world come from one tree at the Siamese Traders' Chinese Tea Pavillion- property of the Austrian Tea Baron Nikolaus Prachensky. The bananas are insane, as is the tea of course... Here are directions taken from "Siamese Traders Tea Pavilion is located near the Lanna Hospital. Drive down the Soi and turn right on Soi 2. Drive toward the ancient who tree and look for the sign with the elephant logo."

Airlines: ANA, Japan: (Also not so hidden) I know most people love Singapore Airlines, which I do too, the service and food are great. But for my yen, it's all about ANA. I have been bumped up to business class on more than one occassion, and for the price of a Y class ticket, that can't be beat. Granted, I go the extra mile for them as well: when I go to Osaka I take their SF-Tokyo-Itami route instead of another airline directly to KIX. It's actually cheaper, adds FF miles and gives you half a day to wander around the temple in the town of Narita before your flight home. No airport town can claim such beauty.

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