Monday, August 21, 2006



Bikitan Bar, Tokyo, Japan
Truly a hidden gem this tiny little wood building nestled between highrises that house gay bars and sex shops in the heart of Shinkjuku is over a hundred years old. The name has something to do with toads, but there are lots of cats around. Get Someone who knows Japanese to help you find it:: 〒160−0022 東京都新宿区新宿2−15−9 tel 03−3352−8317

Bed Supper Club, Bangkok, Thailand
Ok it's not so hidden, but it is cool. With it's all white interior (including white leather doors) it feels like you are walking into a dystopian movie set. The patrons of the restaurant eat while lounging in beds, and notice how the chair-table-chair configuration of the bar furniture spells the word bed when looked at from the side. Only drawback, I don't think they are licensed to allow dancing so it's strictly a lounge.

Coffee and Whiskey, Kamakura, Japan Named after the Jim Jarmusch movie "Coffee and Ciggarettes" this tiny Jazz bar is a great place to have a Suntory Whiskey and a chat with the friendly owner. I'm having trouble finding the contact info, but it's close by the main train station in Kamakura, which is a gem of town in it's own right. For now, Just ask somebody.

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