Friday, May 16, 2008

LIVE at Martini Lounge, VTE

Played a show last night at Martini Lounge in Vientiane, one of the few hip bars in town catering mostly to the expat set.

Two days before the show, the usb connection on the Xiosynth stopped working- the laptop could power the device but the driver would not see the synth. Luckily, the owner of the bar, Mark, a super cool guy from SF (of course,) introduced me to a DJ from Paris who also happened to live in the Bay Area for a time-Vincent aka Vee Kee. Vincent saved the day because he not only let me use his audio interface but also scratched 007 soundtrack samples while the French James Bond spoof OSS 117 played on the video screen in the background. The man can scratch!

The higlight of the evening- drunk, barely eighteen year old, Lao rappers on the mic and a beatboxer named Thierry from Marseilles who quite possibly puts me to shame seeing as how he has only been beatboxing for a year and already has serious skills.

If we move back here, I'll definitely have to colloborate with those guys. In the meantime, I'll post some pics soon.

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